XRF technology for precious metals analysis

American Jewelry and Loan adopts XRF technology for precious metals analysis


November 4, 2013



: By Thermo scientific

TEWKSBURY, Mass. -- In the world of pawnbroking, the difference between real and fake gold—or plated versus solid—could mean a difference of hundreds of dollars per 

transaction and thousands per year.

As pawnbrokers look for highly-accurate, safe and fast methods to determine the value and authenticity of pawn items, Thermo Scientific portable precious metal analyzers have received the endorsement of prominent television personality Seth Gold, who, with his family, manages the internationally-known store American Jewelry and Loan. Seth was recently named the 2013 National Pawnbrokers Association’s "Pawnbroker of the Year."



See more at: http://www.thermoscientific.com/en/about-us/news/American-Jewelry-and-Loan-adopts-XRF-for-metals-analysis.html#sthash.GTnB0UQY.dpuf




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