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The HERZOG pellet press HTP offers the full benefits of program-controlled sample preparation for x-ray fluorescence analysis.

Pelletizing with the HERZOG HTP significantly increases reproducibility and accuracy of sample preparation.

The HTP is fully encapsulated, insulated against noise, and has safety cutouts for operator protection. Dust and noise burden are reduced, and safety enhanced.

The HTP pellet press is a high-quality, precision engineering product with compact dimensions. It is ideally suited for laboratory requirements.

The HERZOG hydraulic HTP press produces high-quality pressed pellets with a mirrorlike surface necessary for optimal XRF results.



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Maximum press pressure

400 KN


400 V, 50 Hz, 3-phase, or other as required

Neutral conductor

Not required

Power draw

4.0 kVA

Pneumatic supply and consumption

Only required with pneumatic ring cleaning device Min. 5 bar, max. 10 bar

Consumption per sample

Approx. 15 dm3

Pressing in steel rings

Standard 40 x 35 x 14 mm or 51.5 x 35 x 8.6 mm

Pressing in aluminium shells

Standard diameter 40 mm

Free pressing

Diameter 15–50 mm


Press tool 40 mm diameter for free pressing Press tool 40 mm in aluminium cups

Press tool 40 mm for pressing in steel rings

Press tool 51.5 mm for pressing in steel rings Cleaning device, manual Cleaning device, pneumatic










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